Fysiotherapie in Emmeloord en omgeving

Do you suffer from physical discomforts that you cannot just get rid of? Then it is good to contact an experienced, professional physiotherapist. You can go to Physical Therapy Van Putten for various forms of physiotherapy, including manual therapy and pelvic physiotherapy, but also for psychosomatic physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy. You can find our practice near Emmeloord. We have customers from all over the Noordoostpolder and are always ready to welcome new customers. We have no waiting list and can therefore make an appointment with you in the short term. 

Manual therapy in the Emmeloord region 

In our practice we offer several forms of physiotherapy, including manual therapy. Hereby we ensure that joints function better and we also pay attention to body posture and the way of moving. We specialize in treating the spine and joints. This form of therapy is particularly effective and generally leads to a reduction in body complaints in our patients right from the first session. Having you treated manually has a positive effect on head and neck pain, shoulder complaints, low and high back complaints, hip complaints and dizziness when moving the neck. 

Pelvic physiotherapy near Emmeloord 

Pelvic physiotherapy is also an important part of the services we offer. This is a form of physiotherapy that focuses entirely on the pelvis, lower back, abdomen and pelvic floor. If you suffer from muscles in this area that do not function properly, this can cause major problems. These can also occur, for example, in the bladder, uterus and rectum. Good treatment is therefore indispensable. Do you want to know more about this or other forms of therapy or make an appointment with us? Just contact us about this.